Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked


Why use a professional organiser?
A professional organiser looks at everything in your home with a fresh set of eyes. Some things in your home have been in the same place for so many years that you forget they are there! Sometimes you need a fresh perspective on what is and isn’t working. We’ll chat about the reasons you hold onto things or whether it’s time to part with them.

We’ll work through the clutter, the tough stuff and the stuff you don’t know what to do with, but most of all, a professional organiser will help you achieve these goals faster than you could do it on your own.

What is the process?
First, we have a chat about your home and the areas you need help with. We can book in a consultation (optional) then book in a time to start. It’s as easy as that.
Should I tidy up before you arrive?
Please don’t! It is best for me to see your home exactly the way you use it, so no – please don’t tidy up before I arrive. Remember, Less Mess is completely non-judgmental so please don’t feel nervous or embarrassed. This is what I do and I can handle anything.
Do I need to buy lots of new storage items?
No. Usually throughout the process of decluttering and organising we find storage items or furniture that we can use for something else or somewhere else. I prefer to use what my clients already have, however if something specific is needed I can point you in the right direction or we can go shopping, which is always fun.
Will I have to give/throw lots of things away?
Not unless you want to. You will always make the decisions on what stays and what goes. You contact me because you want to make changes and surround yourself with the things you love/want. There is likely to be some items you need to part with. I’ll help you figure out what they are but will never encourage you to part with things you don’t want to.
Is it worth the money?
Think of this as an investment – an investment in your space and in your sanity! Living with clutter and in a disorganised way can end up costing you time and energy as well as money. And it also has a huge impact on mental health, which you may not even be aware of.
Do you have to take 'Before and After' photos?
Before and After photos are a great way to see the positive changes that have been made, either for your own purposes or to encourage others to start the organising process. Less Mess enjoys sharing these changes but only with the permission of the client. No photos are ever named and all identifying features are blurred or removed. If you would prefer for photos not to be used, then that is absolutely fine too.
How will I stay organised?
The first part is starting, the second part is maintaining. We will work together to come up with systems that work for you and your lifestyle so that they will be easy to maintain. But just remember- I can’t come to your house every day, so often it’s about changing habits and behaviour. Many of my client’s book multiple or periodical sessions to keep on top of things.
Why should I work with Less Mess?
Good question! Did you know Less Mess was one of the first professional organising companies in Wellington! I’ve been in business for 10 years! And I’ve seen it all. While some situations are trickier than others or might take a lot longer, there hasn’t been a situation I haven’t been able to tackle. I can be as gentle or as direct as you need me to be, but we’ll always head in the direction you want to go in and provide the personalised assistance and support you need to achieve the goals you set.