Terms & Conditions

Here are some simple terms & conditions so you know what’s involved…

  • All information between Less Mess Ltd and clients is strictly confidential.
  • There is a minimum booking of 2 hours for all sessions (unless otherwise agreed under special circumstances).
  • Cancellation of a booking within 24 hours of the scheduled time may incur a $35.00 (1 hour) cancellation fee. If access is not granted to the property within.
    30-minutes of the scheduled start time, the session is forfeited and 50% of the full rate for that session will be charged.
  • In home consultations will incur a $30.00 fee, for approximately 30 minutes. Some instances will require longer, and will be charged accordingly.
    Consultations can be paid at the time of consultation or within the invoice for subsequent sessions.
  • Mileage is charged at 0.72c per kilometre, after 15km each way.
  • Payment is due on completion of organising session, or within 3 days if previously agreed. Payment is required in cash or direct credit. Cheque payment will incur a $3.00 manual deposit fee. Receipts will be issued only if required. All late payments will incur a fee which will be payable by the client.
  • Less Mess Ltd always works together with clients to make any changes. Any suggestions made by Less Mess Ltd are just that – suggestion/opinion only.
    Clients will be guided by advice from Less Mess Ltd but all final decisions are to be made by the client, so that the end result works best for them. Changes are only made with the agreement of the client therefore the client bares all responsibility.
  • Less Mess Ltd insists that any furniture/household items that are moved are only moved if the client is able to move it with the help of Less Mess Ltd and that Less Mess Ltd is not liable for any damage caused to the furniture/household items or any other part of the house/property. Less Mess Ltd takes 100% care with personal belongings and household items, however as clients are always involved in the sessions, no liability is taken for anything that is broken or damaged. Moving, stacking, storing anything valuable or of sentimental value is the responsibility of the client.
  • Less Mess Ltd will only use before and after images with the permission of the client. No identifying features, names, addresses or other personal information will be shown in the photos. Please inform Less Mess Ltd if you do not want your photos to be used in any marketing material.
  • The Ideas session is conducted verbally. It is the client’s responsibility to further act on any recommendations. No practical assistance is given with this session. Hands-on sessions are practical sessions where the client and Less Mess Ltd work together. Clients will be guided by advice from Less Mess Ltd but all final decisions are to be made by the client, so that the end result works best for them.
  • Results depend on acceptance, implementation and maintenance of recommendations made by Less Mess Ltd. Maintenance – and in many cases change in behaviour/habits – is the key to any suggestions made by Less Mess Ltd to work properly
  • Clients are responsible for all recycling and rubbish disposal, and any items to be sold are also the client’s responsibility. Items to be donated may be removed by Less Mess if required. There is no responsibility taken for any items that clients regret donating. Decisions are made solely by the client and anything removed is usually to be donated, relocated, recycled or rehomed is done so as soon as possible therefore there is no recourse for items regretfully or mistakenly donated. Items can be taken to a recycling location or landfill by arrangement – client will be charged time, mileage and any associated dumping fees.
  • No need to tidy up before our session – the more ‘raw’ the better. Less Mess is completely non-judgmental service and we thrive on helping getting your stuff sorted! I’ve probably seen worse, and there is nothing I can’t tackle.
  • This will be a very rewarding process and a worthwhile, invaluable investment in your lifestyle.
  • And we’ll have fun!